Bringing Authentic Herbs to You

“Authentic medicinal herbs at a genuine price” (货真价实). These are the words Heng Foh Tong Medical Hall has lived by since our founder, Mdm Ng, opened our doors in 1957.

For three generations, our family has been faithfully serving the communities we operate in; initially set up to help poor Chinese and Malay immigrants, today, we provide quality Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) herbs and necessities for residents from our humble storefront in Bukit Batok.

Our operation hours are 8.30am to 8pm from Monday to Saturday, and 8.30am to 1pm on Sunday.

Why Chinese Herbs?

While the philosophy of Western medicine is to treat ailments at its core, Chinese medicine has the goal to boost your immune system and your general wellness. Where Western medicine relies on pain relief tablets for ailments, Chinese medicinal herbs aim to improve your body wellness to fend off ailments by itself.

The benefits of traditional Chinese medicine include reduced blood pressure, weight loss and pain relief in the case of minor ailments. In addition, TCM is becoming a popular go-to for women’s health and children’s health matters.

When you have a prescribed herbal concoction from a TCM physician or practitioner from a TCM clinic, you will need to visit an authentic TCM medical hall that carries a comprehensive list of Chinese medical herbs. You will be pleased to find out that it is at a reasonable price, in comparison with Western medicine.

Our Products

At Heng Foh Tong, we provide natural and organic supplements to help you nourish your body, restore your natural balance and rejuvenate yourself from within. Our TCM products include birds’ nest, herbal tea, chicken soup, and many more.

We also offer herbal confinement soup which has been highly rated by our customers and reviewers alike.

Feel your best and take on life with confidence! Check out our e-Store today.


Have a prescription but faced difficulty in finding the complete herbs combination? We offer one of the most complete range of herbs available in Singapore. Let us help you assemble your herbs.

Take advantage of our experience and knowledge to find the right blend of medical herbs as prescribed.

Personalised Confinement Packages

We understand that each mummy is unique and may want special attention to her personal needs in term of herbal requirement. Thus, if requested, we will customize* our standard package at no extra charge.



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ingredients. Learn how to adopt a holistic approach to your wellness
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