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Our story

Our story has always been about supporting families and caring for our fellow people – and we’re excited to help you do the same. Explore our range of TCM herbs and solutions to empower yourself and your loved ones to live a full life.

We are a small family business starting from 1957 located at Upper Bukit Timah.

Our medical hall faced the once busy main road leading to Malaysia. Directly behind us was an old large wet market and it was nestled between a Chinese village ( 正华 ) and a Malay kampung.

We serve medical dispensary services from all walks of life and ethnic communities.

Time may have changed but the kampung spirit remains and we treat each of our customer like a family member seeking help.

The practiced hand, that instinctively measures and combines each set of herbs. Every tailored blend prepared infused with love and commitment. The wisdom of an art over a hundred years, passed on through generations. From our humble beginnings in the heartlands, this is what Heng Foh Tong is about: a family dedicated to the art of Traditional Chinese Medicine, fired by a cherished love for the people around us. This has spurred our desire to craft the very best Traditional Chinese remedies, nourishing and nursing every person that comes their way. 

We are deeply committed to making the benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine available to all.

Enjoy our comprehensive collection of Traditional Chinese Herbs at affordable prices, hand-crafted with empathy and experience by the master hands of our founder Mdm Ng, her son Peter Lee and his wife Mdm Chye.

Mdm Ng, together with son Peter Lee and his wife Mdm Chye, have over a hundred years of experience with TCM herbs between them. Together, they have dedicated their lives to learning the wisdom of natural enhancement for the human body and believe in making it available to as many people as possible.

Their commitment to sharing the benefits of TCM has enabled us to build one of the most comprehensive collections of TCM herbs in Singapore and offer them at affordable prices.

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