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Herbs Dispensary  抓药

Heng Foh Tong is founded in 1957 by Mdm Ng Sock Eng, a second generation Traditional Chinese Medicine veteran in Singapore. Today, Heng Foh Tong Medical Hall specializes in natural revitalization and healing through the dispensary of herbs and we provide one of the widest variety of TCM herbs in Singapore. At our TCM shop, each package you ordered will be individually hand picked and packed to the specific portion.

The 90 year old Mdm Ng together with her son, Peter Lee, and daughter-in-law, Mdm Chye have an accumulation of more than 100 years of TCM herbs experience. We are a team of herbs people that have a long history of Traditional Chinese Medicine background. We pledge to offer authentic TCM herbs at fair price so that everyone can have access to the medical benefits that have evolved for more than 2500 years. Still thinking of where to buy Chinese herbs in Singapore? Do take advantage of our experience and knowledge to find the right blend of natural herbs as prescribed by following the 3 easy steps:


今日的杏和堂参茸药行, 90多岁的吴女士和他70多岁的儿子与媳妇已经累积了超过100多年的经验, 主要着重于用自然草药来辅助身体的活力与需要。



如果你有抓药的需要,可以用以下简单的步骤来联系我们 : 

  1. Whatsapp 你的药单到 (+65) 88095102. 我们会让你知道药单的价格。
  2. 在网上付了药单
  3. 包好的药将送到你家。


Email / Whatsapp your photo of the prescription and/or describe what you need ( We will provide service number, quotation per package and method of ordering.)


You will order via e-commerce page using the service number


You will receive the package via delivery or self collection at the shop



Upload Your Prescription

Have a prescription but not sure what you’re looking for? We’ll help you make sense of it.