Immunity & Respiratory System Boosting Herbal Tea vegetarian

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Ease Respiratory System & Detox Soup 化湿败毒方

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Consumption method:  Soup ( Good for 2 servings ) 

Effect Category Details: Respiratory easing and Detox


生麻黄6g   杏仁9g      生石膏15g

甘草3g      厚朴10g    苍术15g     

草果10g    法半夏9g    茯苓15g   

生黄芪10g  葶苈子10g   赤芍10g


How to prepare:

1. Rinse all the herbs except ( 藿香and 生大黄) with water before putting the herbs except ( 藿香and 生大黄) and water to pot ( 750ml).

2. Boil for 30 mins till simmering.

3. Rinse 藿香and 生大黄 with water.  

4. Add  藿香and 生大黄 into pot and boil for 5 minutes                           

5. Keep the pot cover for 10 mins. Soup is ready.                                         

Dosage : 

2 times per day

Storage : 

Suggest to prepare the soup as well as the package is opened

For storage, suggest cool dry place away from direct sunlight   ( Preferably keep in fridge )       

Gender and Age: Adults

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