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杏和堂 真中药
Heng Foh Tong Authentic Herbs Genuine Price

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Sold over 200,000 herbal concoction in Singapore since 1957

Each order is packed fresh only upon order and specially for you based on your unique needs.

This is what we meant by personalization. 

Hear from Mummies

So easy and convenient, husband can also prepare HFT confinement herbal soup !

Hear the feedback on HFT Confinement herbs from the mummy’s mother

Some of my friends that have gone through the same experience ( cesarean ) have different issues like backache, womb area pain or numbness. I don’t have such complaints and the only difference is I consume Chinese confinement herbs.

My skin is radiant and bright ! Thank you HFT confinement !

Confinement Landing

Rich Herbs Heritage Since 1957

Personalized of Herbs Unique to your Individual Needs & Preferences

Herbs are Packed Fresh

Good Quatity of Herbs to Acheive Efficacies

Quality of Herbs are selected & Dispensed by owners themselves

Herbs are packed according to Daily Consumption

Quick Easy Cook

Achieve Vitality & Healing

Achieve Beauty

No frilled automatic delivery to your house, 3 days before EDD

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Free cancelation with Full refund* available 
* Note :  

•      Deduct transaction fee of 5% due to third party and administration charges
•      Cancelation is 14 days before delivery/EDD date whichever comes earlier via official Heng Foh Tong email account
•      No refund if less than 14 days before delivery/EDD date whichever is shorter duration.
•      If the dates you want are fully booked, please Whatsapp 88095102 to see what we can help 
•      We apologize for the limited capacity as each package is personalized service and packed fresh 

*  Slow cookers and models are subject to availability