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Why do you need herbs during your confinement ?

There is a saying that a daughter will only truly understand the toil of 9 months pregnancy once she experiences the full process from the amount of energy effort and pain during the pregnancy to the eventual delivery.

The whole process strengthens the bond between the mummy and her own mother. Confinement or post-natal period usually lasts from 28 to 40 days when the mummy will recuperates.

Recovery of the Uterus

Whether you are going for a natural or caesarean delivery, the recovery of the uterus is vital immediately after giving birth and will last up to 6 days. In this stage, there will be a focus on the improvement of blood flow, removal of blood stasis, relief of pain and regulation of Lochia (Vaginal) discharge. Different herbs can be dispensed for natural or ceasarean delivery to achieve specific efficiency.

Digestive Improvement and Vitality Boosting

This phase aims to improve the digestive system, allowing the mummy to absorb more nutrients from her diet. The main concern during this stage is the invasion of “wind dampness” into the body through various ways like diet and cold shower. Inappropriate care will harm the stomach and cause headaches and rheumatism later in life. Herbs, when dispensed with the right quantity and quality will aid in purging “wind dampness”. Next, it’s time to boost the mummy’s vitality which focuses on nourishing the blood, strengthening her joints and muscles and restoring the hormonal balance once again. As each individual mummy is different in terms of body conditions, age of giving birth, nature of birth delivery and many other factors, it is best to personalize the herbal concoctions accordingly. With the time-tested concoction and optimal quantity customize to the mummy’s conditions, the herbs will be effective to combat the premature ageing caused by the toll of shock to the body during the labour process.

Restoration of Beauty

After the vitality phase, mummy will be ready to restore her skin, hair loss and even slimming at this stage. There are external applications and diet methods to achieve this. As the restoration of beauty is the last phase of the confinement period, it is important that the correct amount and type of herbs are given according to a curated schedule for her. This will ensure the mummy receives sufficient nutrients ultimately. The well-being of a mummy depends on the quality of her care after delivery. A well-balanced confinement diet is not only necessary but essential in assisting the mummy to recuperate well for both her current and later stages in life.

Why get your confinement package from Heng Foh Tong Medical Hall?


The herbal formulas are found only in authentic TCM Medical Halls. Throughout the decades, we have provided over 200,000 herbal concoctions to our customers and among them, over 60,000 confinement herbal packages in Singapore.

The standard confinement package will contain all the essential herbs for your body, curated to provide a balanced diet with herbs. The package has been refined based on 3500 years of TCM history ( Traditional Chinese Medicine ). The concoctions are all tried and tested and have been passed down for generations. 

As a TCM shop, we take pride in our herbal concoctions. Each package is a signature masterpiece and sealed personally by the owners themselves.


We understand that each mummy is unique and may want special attention to her personal needs in term of herbal requirement. Thus, if requested, we will customize* our standard confinement package at no extra charge. 


All our confinement herbs are handpicked by the owners ( in their 70s ) themselves, meticulously measured and curated for your needs. Our biggest goal is to assist mummies like you in your speedy recovery and nurse you back to your best selves again.



In Heng Foh Tong Medical Hall, we believe in restoring you completely postnatal by healing your body, beaitufying yourself again and viitalsing your energy.

Confinement Package

Throughout the years, we have curated confinement packages that will suite your preferences and budget.

Confinement Package Name Top Grade Confinement Package 坐月配套 鼎級良藥 Traditional Confinement Package 坐月配套 祖传良药 Personalized Essential Herbs for Confinement Postnatal package 坐月配套 必要良药 for Confinement Postnatal package 坐月配套 必要良药 28 Days Nanny's Series Complete Herbs Confinement Package 坐月配套 保姆系列 Personalized 28 Days Necessity Herbs Confinement Postnatal 坐月配套 必需良药 - Soup-Tea Personalized 28 Days Necessity Herbs Confinement Postnatal 坐月配套 必需補汤 - Soup only Traditional Confinement Herbal Tea 祖传坐月荼
Programme Days 38 38 38 28 28 28 30
Soup Packets 36 35 17 28 28 28 30
Red Date Tea Packets 30 30 30 28 28 28 30
Type of Pills Package 1 set 0 2 sets 0 0 0 0
Mummy Bath 30 30 0 30 0 0 0
Baby Bath 7 0 0 7 0 0 0
Mummy who is looking for .... * The best available confinement package that is complete with herbs, tea, beauty elements and baths. * A complete herbs, tea, beauty element and mummy bath * A complete herbs, tea, beauty element and pills *A complete herbs, tea, mummy bath, baby bath * A soup tea combination for confinement needs * A soup based solution for confinement needs * High quality confinement red date tea
* Package will contain Bird nest, Cordyceps, Pearl beauty powder and Korea Red Ginsengs. * Package contains American Ginseng, Cordycep flower, Peach Gum Collagen dessert, Korea Red Ginseng. * Package contains essential herbs for confinement needs * Package contains the necessary herbs for confinement needs based on feedback from nannies * Package contains the necessary high quality herbs in the soup and tea concocotion * Package contains the necessary high quality herbs in the soup concocotion * Package contains a foundation of 4 ingredients with option to increase to 6 ingredients based on individual needs
* One package is all mummy will need and will save the trouble and cost to visit tonic stores multiple times. *All herbs are dispensed under traditional chinese medicine concoction methods. * Lesser soups to drink daily but supplement with TCM pills * Daily soups for consumption as part of the meal * Daily soups for consumption as part of the meal * Daily soups for consumption as part of the meal * dispense under traditional method of confinement tea

Free cancelation with Full refund* available 
* Note :  

•      Deduct transaction fee of 5% due to third party and administration charges
•      Cancelation is 14 days before delivery/EDD date whichever comes earlier via official Heng Foh Tong email account
•      No refund if less than 14 days before delivery/EDD date whichever is shorter duration.
•      If the dates you want are fully booked, please Whatsapp 88095102 to see what we can help 
•      We apologize for the limited capacity as each package is personalized service and packed fresh 

*  Slow cookers and models are subject to availability