Emperor Chicken Dish package [皇帝鸡]

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Emperor Herbal Chicken Soup [皇帝药材鸡汤]

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*Video cooking method is for Imperial Emperor Chicken Dish. For soup cooking method, please refer to the "How to prepare"

Consumption method:  Soup ( Good for 4 servings or 4 persons each ) 

Effect Category Details: Boost energy

Ingredients: 玉竹 元肉 杞子 川芎 北其 党参 甘草 洋参须 Yu Zhu ( RHIZOMA POLYGONATI ODORATI ), Codonopsis root, Ginseng     

How to prepare:

1) Put the herbs onto vegetable wash basket and rinse with water

2) Wash the chopped small pieces of Kampong chicken with water and salt

3) Put the herbs into pot and pour water to the pot. ( estimate 12 bowls of water ) 

4) Boil the pot for 5 minutes under Big fire then 35 minutes under Small fire.

5) Turn to Big fire to boil the pot again and then put in the chicken 10 mins.

6) Small fire for another 25 mins before switch off

7) 1 small coffee tea-spoon of Salt and 1 soup-spoon light of soya sauce. 

8) Ready for consumption

Gender and Age: Adults and Children

Quantity: Serve 4 to 6 persons

Suggest to prepare the soup as soon as the package is opened

For storage, suggest cool dry place away from direct sunlight   ( Preferably keep in fridge )     

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