Imperial Emperor Chicken Dish package [霸王药材 皇帝鸡]

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Imperial Emperor Chicken Dish package with Brands Essence of Chicken [霸王药材 皇帝鸡]

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Consumption method:  Soup ( Good for 6 servings or 6 persons each ) 


Effect Category Details: Boost energy ( Grade A quality for all the herbs ingredient ) 


Ingredients: 玉竹 元肉 杞子 川芎 北其 党参 甘草 洋参须 长白山人参 Yu Zhu ( RHIZOMA POLYGONATI ODORATI ), Codonopsis root, Ginseng + Essense of Chicken


How to prepare:

1. Put the herbs onto vegetable wash basket and rinse with a quarter of Evian water.

2. Put the herbs into pot and pour half a bottle of Evian water to boil for 5 minutes under slow heat.

3. Wash the chicken with balance of Evian water ( 1/4 bottle ) and salt, put the chicken on a plate to massage with salt, 花雕酒 and sesame oil.

4. Wrap the chicken in disposable plastic wrap and put in fridge for minimum 30 mins

5. Set up a bowl plate with aluminum foil on top, transfer the chicken and the sauce into the aluminum foil.

6. Pour the herbs and add rock sugar (冰糖) into the stomach of the chicken and fold up the aluminum foil - allow the herbs to marinate into the chicken by keeping the bowl plate in the fridge ( for at least 60 mins ; longer the better, up to 24 hours best )

7. Put the bowl plate to steam for 45mins

8. Open the aluminum foil, pour in the chicken with a bottle of Essence of Chicken and the best quality Imperial Emperor Chicken Dish is ready for consumption

Gender and Age: Adults and Children

Suggest to prepare the soup as soon as the package is opened

For storage, suggest cool dry place away from direct sunlight   ( Preferably keep in fridge )     

*Note : Evian bottle 750ml


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