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杏和堂 真中药
Heng Foh Tong Authentic Herbs Genuine Price



杏和堂 真中药

Tonic teas offering TCM benefits with the convenience of modern bottled drinks. 




Same day delivery (Monday-Saturday from 1030-6pm; Sunday from 1030-1130am)


  • Zero/Low sugar added

  • High quality tea brewed with the freshest ingredients 

  • Freshly brewed by licensed beverage manufacturers

  • Long shelf life (12 months) with no preservatives added

  Herbal Tea Antelope water Ginseng Chrysanthemum Ginseng Himalayan Salt Honey Peach Gum Golden Birdnest Manuka Honey
  凉茶  羚羊水  洋参菊花茶  洋参茶  蜜糖桃胶  金丝燕窝饮
Aka  Cooling  Extra Cooling  Cool Energy Energy Beauty  Extra Beauty
Highlighted Ingredients Monk fruit plus 2 cooling herbs Authentic Antelope plus 2 cooling herbs 5.1g American Ginseng ( 450ml ) 5.1g American Ginseng ( 450ml ) 5 crystal clear Grade A Peach Gum

1g of dry Imperial Golden Birdnest

Highlighted Features 2 Sweet but almost zero sugar Sweet but zero sugar 4g of Huangshan Chrystanthemum (450ml ) Pink Himalayan Salt ( same amount Pocari ) Flora scent natural pure honey Maluku honey UFM 5+
NutriGrade B B B B B B
Sugar level 0.70% 0% 4.60% 3.90% 4.8% 4.50%
Purpose  Remedy  Remedy  Vitality  Vitality  Beauty  Beauty 
Vegetarian  Yes  No  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 

Beauty Series

Beauty Series

Full of healthy, natural herbs chock with collagen

Our take on healthy bubble tea! The teas from our beauty series are full of healthy, natural herbs chock with collagen. Sweet yet low in sugar, and with the same chewy goodness as bubble teas, who says healthy can’t taste like a treat?

Vitality Series

Vitality Series

5.1G of American ginseng to boost the immune system and overall wellness

Ginseng is well-known for its ability to boost the immune system and overall wellness. Our vitality tea series features American Ginseng acquired from a safe and reliable source in Singapore. Each bottle contains a generous 5.1g of ginseng with just the right amount of sweetness to remove any bitter taste while still being low in sugar at the same time.

Remedy Series

Remedy Series

Only the best quality natural herbs for maximum cooling effect

Using traditional formulas unchanged since 1957, the teas in our remedy series are designed to help cool down the body, quelling excessive heat and toxins. We select only the best quality natural herbs for maximum cooling effect and sweet taste with zero sugar.

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