Back Strengthening Tonic Soup [杜仲补腰汤]

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Back Strengthening Tonic Soup [杜仲补腰汤]

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Consumption method:  Soup (good for 2 servings or 2 persons each) 

Effect Category Details: Individuals who have to stand for extended periods of time
Individuals who experience a sore back, weakness in legs or an overall decrease in vitality

Ingredients: 枸杞子,党参,龙眼肉,牛膝,巴戟天,杜仲,黄芪                                             

Codonopsis Root (Dang Shen) 党参
Goji Berries (Gou Qi Zi) 枸杞子
Dried Longan (Long Yan Rou) 龙眼肉
Twotoothed Achyranthes Root (Niu Xi) 牛膝
Morinda Root (Ba Ji Tian) 巴戟天
Eucommia Bark (Du Zhong) 杜仲                         

How to prepare: 

1. Rinse the herbs under running water. 

2. Add herbs and water to the pot. (600 to 800ml)

3. Add 200g meat of your choice to the pot 

4. Cook till the water to boiling point

5. Lower down till the water is simmering for approximately 60 mins

Gender and Age: Male Adults

Suggest to prepare the soup as soon as the package is opened

For storage, suggest cool dry place away from direct sunlight (Preferably keep in fridge)     


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