Performance Tonic Soup [六味汤]

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Performance Tonic Soup [六味汤]

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Consumption Method: Soup (good for 4 servings or 4 persons each) 

Effect Category Details: This tonic soup enhances aerobic capacity for efficiency and stamina.

Ingredients:  淮山 百合 玉竹連子 欠实 元 肉

Rhizoma Dioscoreae 山药

Bulbus Lilii 百合

Rhizoma Polygonati Odorati 玉竹

Semen Nelumbinis 莲子

Semen Euryales 芡实

Arillus Longan 龙眼肉


How to prepare Performance Tonic Soup [六味汤] / Cooking Tips:

1. Rinse herbs with water before adding herbs and add boiling water to pot (600 to 800ml, try not to exceed 1 litre of water). Boil for 30 mins till simmering

2. Add 200g meat of your choice to pot and boil for 90 minutes till simmering (optional)

3. Tonic soup is ready to drink


Storage for Performance Tonic Soup [六味汤]

Suggest to prepare the tonic soup as soon as the package is opened

For storage, suggest to store in a cool dry, place away from direct sunlight (preferably keep in fridge)


Gender and Age: Adults


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