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Personalized 28 Days Complete Necessity Herbs Confinement Postnatal Soup-Tea Package [坐月配套 必需良药]

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Authentic TCM herbs since 1957

All our herbs are hand picked individually by the owners ( in their 70s ) themselves, meticulously measured and curated for your specific needs. The only aim is to assist mummies like you in your speedy recovery and nurse you back to your best selves again. The herbs are authentic ingredients and the herbal formulas are found only in authentic TCM Medical Halls. Specific health objectives like lactation enhancement,  Caesarean section healing and/or slimming shall be personalized upon request and the package will be further fine tuned for you at no extra costs.  Your order will only be packed and delivered 3 days before EDD or on the day of your hospitalization if you have an earlier EDD.  Each package is a signature masterpiece and sealed personally by the owners. 


This package is specially curated using 28+2 soup-based herbs and 28 days confinement tea for recovery and vitalizing 28 day-period. 


Your confinement herbal package is 

* Personalized for you. We will personalize the standard confinement herbs package according to your needs like whether you are going for natural birth or casearan, want lactation, taste preferences etc. 

* Just For you. Dispense evey single herbal packets just for you due to Personalization. We will need around 3 days lead time. 

* Packed Fresh only days before shipment.

* Grade A. Using only Grade A herbs as practice by Traditional Medical Hall. Confinement period is a critical recovery period. Same quality we will provide for our own family members. 

* Anyone can cook. 3 Steps Simple Cooking of wash, boil and drink. Husband, Nanny and Helper. 

* Daily Consumption Packed with soup and tea ( depending on packages ) all together with the day clearly labelled 

* Limited Edition as the owners dispensed personally with limited daily capacity. Kindly booked early to avoid disappointment. 


For more information on why you need confinement herbal packages or simply which package is suitable for you click here : confinement website


We also understand each mummy is unique and may want special attention to her personal needs in term of herbs requirement. Thus we shall customize* our standard package, if you want with no extra fee. Whatsapp 88095102 or Email  hello@hengfohtong.com


( 28-day programme )

Package contains all the herbs for you will need throughout your confinement period and beyond : 

  • 28-Day Nourishment Plan with herbs packed according to the daily usage
  • 28 + 2 High Quality Authentic herbal soup concoction
  • 28 High Quality Authentic confinement red date tea
  • Simple cooking guide


1) Recovery


2) Vitality


* Personalized to your unique needs

  • Consultation with highly experience herbs dispenser
  • Customized the herbal concoction combination to your needs and/or medical history
  • Personalize the subtle taste preference of the herbal combination
  • Mummy has the choice to visit the store, call or whatsapp us for the consultation


Additional Freebies 

  • Free Slow Cooker ( model subject to availability) 
  • Free Delivery to your doorstep
  • Free service to pack the herbs according to your daily consumption
  • Free consultation and personalization of your package ( Optional but Optimal )


No frilled delivery

  • Automatic delivery to your door step 3 days before your EDD
  • In event of your earlier than expected admission to hospital, we shall deliver accordingly. Simply Whatsapp 88095102 : keep us posted and quote your registered mobile/email.



  • All herbs are individually packed 1 day before delivery to ensure freshness
  • Suggest to prepare the soup as soon as the package is opened
  • For storage, suggest cool dry place away from direct sunlight ( Highly recommend to keep in fridge )   




*Free cooker shown in photo is for reference and may not be the same type or model of cooker

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