Wild Ginseng Pantax Notoginseng ( Capsule ) [正野山 泡参+ 田七 ( 胶囊 )]

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Tall Height Enhancement - Wild Ginseng Pantax Notoginseng ( Capsule ) [正野山 泡参+ 田七 ( 胶囊 )]

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There are many factors that will affect the height during critical growth age

  • Genetics
  • Exercise
  • Sleep
  • Sufficient outdoor activities (sunlight)
  • Balance diet.

TCM is considered in the diet category in enhancing the height factor.

Pantax Notoginseng ( TianQi ) is known to improve blood circulation and prevent blood stasis thus enhancing the flow of nutrients around the body and essentially to growing bones. When consume together with Wild Ginseng, it has the multiplier effect.

In Heng Foh Tong we use only authentic Pantax Notoginseng and Wild Ginseng to personally grind into powder and put in capsules ourself to ensure the highest genuine quality.

Consumption method: Capsule

Puberty age ( above 11 to 14 age ) 1 capsules per morning and night 

Child ( age 10 ) 1 capsule night 

Effect Category Details: Energy, improve blood circulation, heal injury, height ( for growing children )

Ingredients: Herbs

How to prepare: Drink with warm water

Gender and Age: Above 10 year old, male/female

Price: $50 For 100 Capsules

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