Herbal Pure Peach Gum Beauty Dessert package 桃胶美颜药材甜品

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Herbal Pure Peach Gum Beauty Dessert package 桃胶美颜药材甜品

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Consumption method:  Soup. ( Good for 4 servings or 4 persons each ) 

Effect Category Details: Detox intestine, Promote bowel movement, Improve skin texture, Increase moisture to the skin, Lighten pigmentation, Improve acnes or pimples skin

Ingredients: Peach Gum, Snow Fungus (Tremella fuciformis), Jujube, Dried Longan Pulp, White Lotus, Brown Sugar, Red Lotus


How to prepare:

Step A

1. Soak Peach Gum  (桃花胶 ) in water for 2 full days. Take out any impurity and change water daily.

Step B 

1. Soak Snow Fungus ( 雪耳 ) under room temperature water for 30mins and cut off the hard tip portion of Snow Fungus 雪耳.        
2. Boil White Lotus ( 白莲 ) and Red Lotus ( 红莲 ) for 15 mins before rinse them on running tap                                 
3. Put White Lotus ( 白莲 ) , Red Lotus ( 红莲 ) , Snow Fungus ( 雪耳 ), Jujube ( 红枣 )  and Pandan Leave* into a pot and fill with 4L water. Boil for 30 mins    
4. Put Peach Gum ( 桃花胶) into the same pot and boil for 10 mins 

5. Put Dried Longan Pulp ( 元肉 ) and Brown Sugar ( 片糖 )  into the same pot and boil for 5 mins                                                          

6. Dessert is ready                          


Suggest to prepare the soup as soon as the package is opened

For storage, suggest cool dry place away from direct sunlight ( Preferably keep in fridge )         

Gender and Age: Adults and Children

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